Selasa, Januari 20, 2009

Yahuiii!!! I Get Alphabhet “Pe-Er”

Alhamdulillah,  after I get 1st ranking from Uncle Google now I get it from Brother Ardi. I called it Alphabet Page Rank. Coz, the questions are begin with all letters start from A and end with Z. Ok, this is my “Pe-Er”, ups before that give me applause about this pe-erApplause
A-Attached or Single? Single, I don’t like have girlfriend, but I’d like to have Wife.Blushing
B-Best Friend? !!! Many (classmate: Eka, Adhi, Fajar, dll; chat: Aphik, Akbar, n Annie) Happy 
C-Cake or pie? or.  Hehehe… Jzt Kid, I like Cake.   Drooling
D-Day of choice? in Indonesian is: “Hari Matahari” (SunDay) Big Grin
E-Essential item? Laptop ,coz I can study. (Now Available with “BSE”), then many books (Novel)
F-Favorite color? Blue, Black, Green. Smug
G-Gummy bears or Worms? Ups, I don’t like both of there. Not talking 
H- Home. Malang, the educational city in Indonesia. Loser
I- Indulgence- Ummm, “Laskar Pelangi” both the movie and the novel. I love it.Love Struck
J-June or July? July, coz it’s 7th month. I like number 7. Peace Sign
K-Kids? I don’t have, because I don’t have wife too. Hee hee
L-Life is not complete without- Family, Friends, teacher, Technology.sengihnampakgigi
M-Marriage date- Wallahu ‘alam.  May I can marry with beautiful girl (in physics and heart) Day dreaming
N-Number of magazine subscriptions? I don’t subscribe. But usually I read my sister’s magazine.
O-Orange or apple? Orange (But I love both).  Drooling
P-Phobias? “Durian” fruits, yaiikz!!! Sick
Q-Quotes? We live in the world to get and found and make love to all creature in this world.Applause
R-Reason to smile? All people in the world. Coz, if we smile, we get merit from Allah. (Amin!)Praying 
S-Season of choice? Rainy season and dry season  Peace Sign
T-Tag 5 people – Inas, Angin, Mas Hangga, Buabuazone, and Mbak NuqiahParty
U-Unknown facts about me- Mmm, I think………nothing. Cool
V-Vegetables? Carrot, cabbage, etc.
W-Worst habit? Ssst!!! I shame about it! Dont tell anyone
X-X-ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound.
Y-Your favorite foods? Fried rice, Steak, etc.   
Z-Zodiac sign- I am not believe about zodiac. It’s “syrik” in My Faith. (Islam).Shame on you

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LAZUARDI R.YAMIN on Selasa, Januari 20, 2009 6:16:00 PM mengatakan...

sippp dah, btw, ko Page Rank dari om googlenya ilang ??

Junifarn on Rabu, Januari 21, 2009 10:36:00 AM mengatakan...

sudah saya kumpulkan :D...
nih sobat :

Makasih atas tag PR nya yah

Hangga Nuarta on Rabu, Januari 21, 2009 9:53:00 PM mengatakan...

Udah Bro! Silahkan dikoreksi... :D


Thanks yo!!

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