Sabtu, Desember 27, 2008

Thanks Mother

By: Mushonnifun Faiz and his friends

While embrio…
You protect me with touch your love
You give me nutrient for full fill my nutrition
And you endune the taste of your sickness
While be born....
You are whiling to bet between life and died
You endure your taste of sickness
For borning your jewel
Which will you happy
When going to school...
You prepare all need
With splash upon perspiration
You think my future
For getting all success in the future
That why……
It is not forgiven
Mother who difficult to born
But exactly you unsubordinate
So…difficult to be forgiven
When all problems load your live
Then as you like
You release your angry to your mother
Remember the fighter between your mothers’s live and died?
That why, no words that can be tell
Except……Thanks for Mother
Cannot be replay your service
Though with gold and jewel
Except…with my honesty pay

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